State of the Art

We are 10 days into December so I thought I would share how things went at the Holiday Geek Expo.

First off, I need to say I love doing the show. It’s a fantastic excuse to spend 2 days with people I normally only see at conventions. Unless something huge happens then I will likely continue to do the show year after year.

This year was slow. I also got sick. Day one I setup and had what looked like a good spot. The people around me were all dealing in cool stuff. A couple hours in though I started to get a migraine. I don’t normally get migraines but the oils at the both I was next to really got to me. Daniel and Jules saved me and move me over to the other room. Daniel literally grabbed a corner of my table and pulled it next door. Fortunately, the whole thing was on wheels.

Day two went better for me. I had about as many overall sales but some of the bigger items went. Including the stripped band saw box that I loved.

So, Geek Expo. Not a bust and a very good time.