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Lets jump right into some questions:

Q: Why Public Flogging?
A: I was driving into work one day listening to a morning radio show. The wacky host was complaining about what he felt was peoples general need to put everything out in the public.. an airing of dirty laundry or a public flogging. I liked the idea that this would be my page of art and art like projects and I would be putting them “out there” for people to judge.

Q: Do you work full time as an artist?
A: I don’t even like to tell people I’m an artist. I have done professional work and I have been published in a local paper as well as been part of a few gallery shows. At that point I qualify as an artist. Art is not my only job though. During the day I work in the computer industry. There is an art to that as well though and I enjoy it very much.

Q: Do you do commission work?
A: Yes I do but please contact me for availability and prices.

Q: What kind of tools do you use?
A: Affordable ones.
– When working with Pen and Paper I usually use the generic art store brand “bristol” paper and Micron or Prisma color pens.
– When wood working I have a “mixed bag” of tools I like to go into the store and physically touch the tools. I’m willing to buy the house brand if if feels like a solid tool. I usually work in pine but I have recently been buying hardwood scraps from the local Ace Hardware

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