Going Digital.. maybe

So I finally upgraded my android tablet and bought a much better stylus. I’m making a stab at doing some more digital art and I think the stylus is the trick for me. I never got the hang of the Wacom drawing pad where you look at the screen but draw on the pad. I’m going to do a few “paint over” style posts where I find an old sketch load it on the tablet and draw over the top of it. Here’s one from a drawing I did in the 80’s.

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I’m in an odd situation

I actually have art I could share but haven’t yet. I have ideas I’m kicking around and I want to get them out but I don’t think they are ready. Really the issue is that I did one comic and I’m not happy with it. It looks okay but it looks like every other comic I do. I’d like to try out a different style but still keep it simple enough that it would look good in black and white.

I’ll keep you posted.