How I spent my weekend

Wood Working Ornaments

I got some much needed wood working time in. I got started by buying a band saw. It’s been a tool I’ve wanted but not needed for a while. Or at least I thought I didn’t need it. I can’t believe how comfortable I am using it and how quick it made some work I had been doing in a dangerous fashion previously. Seriously you should have seen me cut out ornaments last year. It wasn’t pretty. Here are a few of the photos (below the cut). Read more

Updated Madscott Comic

I from time to time still update what was once my daily comic. It’s something I really want to get back to and I have no proper excuse for not doing. If you head over to the Madscott Comic site you can see the dragon skull I drew as well as the comic archive.

Maybe I’ve been reading to much Game of Thrones lately.


Recently I took the family on a vacation to Biloxi. This was the first time I’ve been to Mississippi and we had a good time. I did manage to squeeze in some time with the camera and I felt rusty but enjoyed myself. My biggest problem was that I was being lazy and left the ISO on auto so some of my photos had a much higher ISO setting then I wanted. In the grand scheme of things not a bit deal.

I’ll be uploading the photos a little at a time but you can see them in the gallery.

Like This One

Hello (again) world!

No I didn’t leave you all. I have been having odd background issues on the site so I decided to start from scratch. As the next few weeks go on I’ll be updating the page with the items I want to keep and trimming out old information that I’d rather forget about.

Plan of Action

  • Reevaluate the plugins I use
  • go through the galleries and pull outdated files and duplicates
  • update my convention / show schedules
  • Flesh out the about page and clean up any old links

Wish me luck

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