State of the Art

We are 10 days into December so I thought I would share how things went at the Holiday Geek Expo.

First off, I need to say I love doing the show. It’s a fantastic excuse to spend 2 days with people I normally only see at conventions. Unless something huge happens then I will likely continue to do the show year after year.

This year was slow. I also got sick. Day one I setup and had what looked like a good spot. The people around me were all dealing in cool stuff. A couple hours in though I started to get a migraine. I don’t normally get migraines but the oils at the both I was next to really got to me. Daniel and Jules saved me and move me over to the other room. Daniel literally grabbed a corner of my table and pulled it next door. Fortunately, the whole thing was on wheels.

Day two went better for me. I had about as many overall sales but some of the bigger items went. Including the stripped band saw box that I loved.

So, Geek Expo. Not a bust and a very good time.

How I spent my weekend

Wood Working Ornaments

I got some much needed wood working time in. I got started by buying a band saw. It’s been a tool I’ve wanted but not needed for a while. Or at least I thought I didn’t need it. I can’t believe how comfortable I am using it and how quick it made some work I had been doing in a dangerous fashion previously. Seriously you should have seen me cut out ornaments last year. It wasn’t pretty. Here are a few of the photos (below the cut). Read more

I’m in an odd situation

I actually have art I could share but haven’t yet. I have ideas I’m kicking around and I want to get them out but I don’t think they are ready. Really the issue is that I did one comic and I’m not happy with it. It looks okay but it looks like every other comic I do. I’d like to try out a different style but still keep it simple enough that it would look good in black and white.

I’ll keep you posted.

Updated Madscott Comic

I from time to time still update what was once my daily comic. It’s something I really want to get back to and I have no proper excuse for not doing. If you head over to the Madscott Comic site you can see the dragon skull I drew as well as the comic archive.

Maybe I’ve been reading to much Game of Thrones lately.

April Fools Day

I’m not a big fan of April Fools day. I’m more of a cautious observer. With that said I have no plans to try and fool any of you kind readers.

I will say though that ThinkGeek makes the best April Fools Days posts.

In Site related news I have been adding more photographs to the gallery. If you have been following me you will know that these are from older sets and are on Flickr. I wanted to pull a few of my favorites here for the purpose of highlighting them.

Starting next week I think I will flesh out the hand drawn work more.

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