Weekend Problems

Sunday was busy. Family events in the morning running in the afternoon. When I did finally get home, less then 2 hours later and I broken a lawnmower belt and a band saw blade. It was an omen and I clearly should not have moved from the couch.

The good news is non of the things broken are outside my skills to repair.

Site Work

Sorry about the last couple days of site issues.

I upgraded wordpress and it flaked out. I flushed the site and did a clean install of wordpress. Hopefully I put everything back that I needed. If you spot something missing please let me know.

State of the Art

We are 10 days into December so I thought I would share how things went at the Holiday Geek Expo.

First off, I need to say I love doing the show. It’s a fantastic excuse to spend 2 days with people I normally only see at conventions. Unless something huge happens then I will likely continue to do the show year after year.

This year was slow. I also got sick. Day one I setup and had what looked like a good spot. The people around me were all dealing in cool stuff. A couple hours in though I started to get a migraine. I don’t normally get migraines but the oils at the both I was next to really got to me. Daniel and Jules saved me and move me over to the other room. Daniel literally grabbed a corner of my table and pulled it next door. Fortunately, the whole thing was on wheels.

Day two went better for me. I had about as many overall sales but some of the bigger items went. Including the stripped band saw box that I loved.

So, Geek Expo. Not a bust and a very good time.

How I spent my weekend

Wood Working Ornaments

I got some much needed wood working time in. I got started by buying a band saw. It’s been a tool I’ve wanted but not needed for a while. Or at least I thought I didn’t need it. I can’t believe how comfortable I am using it and how quick it made some work I had been doing in a dangerous fashion previously. Seriously you should have seen me cut out ornaments last year. It wasn’t pretty. Here are a few of the photos (below the cut). Read more

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