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Hi Ho!

So December was something of a health challenge. I think I was chasing a cold starting Dec. 1 and I’m still swinging. I attended the Holiday Geek Expo as a vender. It wasn’t a complete bust but it could have been better. I have some work to do to my etsy store. I’m working on a Back 40 Arts logo for example. I’ll let you know when I post things for sale. I think I need to clear out some old inventory so I’ll likely have them marked at sale prices.

What have you been doing?

Where are we again?


I’ve not been as diligent in my updates here as I could be. That is something of a good problem to have because it means I’ve been busy outside of these digital pages. Since my last update I’ve been golfing more, joined a bowling league, marched in a parade, updated my comic, and ran out of a proper amount of sleep.

I’m working to fix the sleep part. I’ve found I can go on less then 6 hours of sleep for a couple weeks but I don’t like the person who comes out the other side. I’ve also not been letting my aches and pains stop me completely. Sometimes that means taking the golf cart rather then walk but that doesn’t really feel like a sacrifice.

I have a show coming up and I will post more about that over the coming weeks to give you a preview of what I’ve made.

Project: Organize Basement

Dust Cyclone

I’ve been working on getting the basement organized. It’s a long slow battle.

We’ve added more shelves to the pantry. Added more shelves to the workshop / tool storage area. I took apart a desk and converted it into a small work bench. I think I will mount my bench vice there. Currently the bench vice is just wandering around in my garage rusting. Read more

Getting Healthy(ish) – Part 2


Colds suck and are counter productive to getting healthy. Yes I realize that’s obvious.

I’ve been fighting a head cold and am on the tail end of it. I’m at the “dear god what color is that phlegm!” stage. What that also means is that I’ve been weak and filling myself with comfort food. Top of that list is the sweat bubbly evil that is coca-cola. I love it but I really need to ditch it.

I’ve not been working out yet but I am working on being less of a couch potato. We’ve moved some of the wood working tools from the really cold garage into the basement. This will move the need for better dust collection in the basement top of my list. I’m thinking of building a cyclone dust collector. Read more



I’ve had a few requests lately both by email and on this page:

  • Can you add a signup page for kids sports
  • when does registration begin
  • what day should we bring our kids for registration

My response:

Please turn around. You have the wrong address. There is likely some other very nice Scott Gallatin out there getting sketch card requests (good luck).
You should not send your child’s registration to me. I will only find some way to use it in an art project.


Con Hangover

The 12 Doctors

I just needed to take a second to mention how great a time I had doing artist Alley at Convergence 2013. It was a tiny room but I did more custom art over those 4 days then at any previous show.

You have a shop?


I do in fact have a shop… now.. Okay it’s an Etsy shop but that should work out for the best. You can find it at Back40Arts over on Etsy. Please do stop and look around. It’s a bit sparse yet but more to come soon.

We will be listing items from both myself and my family. Eventually we will have sketches, photos, crafts, quilts, and likely more for you.


geek ornaments

Here is where I am at:

  1. Holiday Geek Expo was a blast and profitable. I still have some prints for sale and I think I’m going to blow out my old sketch cards to freshen the set up.
  2. We’re checking the backups to make sure that we don’t lose anything but when I refresh the site I’m scrapping the old posts to help freshen up the place. That’s a good thing!
  3. I’m thinking of setting up a store. Anyone here had luck with Etsy or Ebay?
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